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Obama OUTRAGED After Muslim Refugees Gave Him A Nasty Surprise In Italy – WATCH CLOSELY!

As things are heating up back in Washington D.C., former President Barack Obama doesn’t seem to be too concerned as he is currently in Milan, Italy for his latest extravagant vacation. Unfortunately for him, as soon as he set foot in Milan on Monday, he was stunned to get an unpleasant surprise set up by Muslim refugees there.

According to reports, the moment Obama arrived in the European nation to promote his pro-Islamic views, he was shocked to find out that the country had a major anti-Muslim migrant, anti-globalist faction, which scored a huge victory last year when it kicked out the nation’s socialist prime minister that shared Obama’s similar views.

When he arrived in Italy, Obama immediately met with former Prime Minister Marco Renzi, who is currently working towards a political comeback after resigning when his referendum on constitutional reform was shot down. So to put it short, Italians were sick of seeing their nation get swarmed with Muslim migrants, so they gathered and took a stand against Renzi, ultimately defeating him and throwing him off his position.

Just last year, the Italian mafia bosses “declared war” on migrants, after a man was shot in the head during a turf war with African crime gangs in Palermo, ultimately sparking the referendum that removed Renzi from power.

So in a way, this points to the fact that if Obama tries to defend refugees in Italy, he is going to be shot down thanks to the actions of the migrants he is so desperately trying to help. Talking about irony…

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